Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Have you seen the muffler man

what a predicament, 1 hr until i drive home to south eastern Michigan and i am on my way back from hobby lobby with some fabric glue when my car yelled at me, it said ahhhhhhhhhhh fix me im broken ahhhhhhhhhh. oh my god what is that rumbley coming from my cars tumbley , it sounds like my muffler just fell off, with a quick peek i look, nope just half of it fell off. what should i do i thought, i have no money to fix this and i have to be on my way in wee bit. i drove my car back home, sat in the drivway for a minute and yureka. i will go ask my neighbor tim for advice, he is a jack of all trades, maybe he can help. I ran over and asked what to do if I need to fix my exhaust quick, well he said get a can and rinse it, open both sides with a can opener, get some wire snips and cut one side straight down the middle, then take two clamps and put it on either side and walla, and instant fix. but for know i have a better idea, he went into his garage and pulled out a welding torch and an old piece of exhaust, this should do the trick he said. within a half hour he cut the old rusty exhaust in half, cut the new piece and welded it in, done. Thats it i said, how much do i owe you, nothing he says thats what neighbors are for. I thanked him and quickly loaded my car and was off. 3 hrs later i arrived without any complications, i am very thankful to have such a kind and helpful neighbor that has helped me out so many times when i have had no one else, thank jebus for good friends and muffler mens. thank you shmidty


umlauf said...

the muffler man! workin' his magic.

Joe Davis said...