Friday, January 9, 2009

Can i Can i "this is how to get it"

This Album 2 yrs in the making has a wide range of style from Americana/country/folk to glam-happy pop rock, its sure to make your feet tap and fingers dance. the album is about what people think about, it invokes the possibility of what life might truly be , and can i make it to the end, to hopefully find out, can i can i .
My influences for this album are
The Aging population- and working inside of a nursing home
My Bi-polar muse
Time travel

As of today I have an etsy shop!!! I wanted to support etsy and other etsy artisans by linking my music myspace to etsy for purchasing! You can Now find my quaint little shop at under music on the side bar. I feel it's an honorable way to lead the pack over to etsy to find what great handmade treasury's they have like my Girlfriends shop . If you have not yet experienced etsy I highly recommend you get your butt over there and check it out!!


Joe Davis said...

this = rad!

umlauf said...

M. told us about Can I Can I on the radio! Does the station have webstreaming? We'd love to listen in :D

We've been listening to your album on repeat for days now!